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Women’s shoes with several colors for Friday night

In fact, to admit, I am а big fan of colored shoes. Last time I looked on the net for some shoes with better and richer colors, I was struck with some shades of red and pink. Perhaps the reason is not entirely in the specific shoes because I generally love the colors.

Image: © Sergey Dashkevich / Fotolia

I have noticed that quite often the shoes that have such colors usually have solidly applied red or pink. And those shoes that caught my eye, distinguish for the fact that on different areas there are different colors. Here again, the colors are solidly applied, but unlike the ordinary shoes, there are several colors, not just one. Even the heel has its own color, which emphasizes and complements the design of the shoe. It looks much better than purely black shoes with black current that is merged with the shoe.

A few years ago, there were many shoe models in which the colors were several, not just one. At present there are still such models, though few, but until we can find decent ladies’ shoes with several colors, they will still be fashionable. Let us hope that when the number of the ladies who prefer these shoes increases, they will become just as popular as a few years ago. Which is really a shame, considering the better use of the colors, should not really be modern the popular type plain shoes, instead of the more colorful and stylish. One year will be modern pink and orange on the next. This is good but really, the colors of the shoes have to be a part of our wardrobe.

In defense of the shoes with several colors

In defense of the shoes with several colors I will say that the colors will be combined with our clothes – some colorful shoes can be combined with clothes in different colors. Not always the color of the shoes has to be like that of our clothes or bag. If you like it, go ahead and put the turquoise pillows on the grey sofa. You get the idea.

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