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Women are looking for increasingly larger sizes of footwear

Image: © Szerdahelyi Adam / Fotolia

More and more women are ashamed of their large foot and prefer to buy shoes online.The demand for shoes with a larger number by the women is growing, but this is solely an occasion for shame among the women, according to a survey from the department store Debenhams. This was found after 1000 women had been interviewed, who wear larger shoe size. 82% of them admit that they are ashamed of the size of their feet, reports “Reuters”.

More than half the women say they feel uncomfortable at the moment when they need to ask the shop assistant for shoes with their number. 36% of women even hate to buy shoes in public places.

“Buying shoes online can be really difficult, so we decided to ask women why they shop shoes behind closed doors,” said Carrie Barkhuizen, spokesman for the store Debenhams.

The problem is not unusual, as the average size of women’s shoes has increased in the last 10 years. This change is due to the fact that women’s feet have become wider and not so much long, which experts say is due to the increase in body weight.

But shoemakers began to adapt the design of the shoes to the size of the feet. Evidence of this are individuals like Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama and Paris Hilton who wear big shoes on the red carpet.

Thanks to the new techniques and materials that are now available, the shoes can be made strong enough and comfortable for all sizes, which was unthinkable a decade ago.

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