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What shoes do we need for the mountains?

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Traction of the shoes

One of the most important characteristics of the mountain shoes is their grip. To test your shoes, one of the options is to check their grip on various surfaces. In most shoes the grip is different depending on the material on which you tread, but for one hiking boots is important that they are equally stable on all surfaces. This is because when you go hiking you do not know what you will go through – grass, mud, soil…

Water resistance of the shoes

To be waterproof the shoes, that is compulsory. When you move in the mountains, you may need to go along a small river or other water areas. Even the abundant mountain dew can wet your feet if you have no good shoes.

Start with small hikes

Do not use your shoes as soon as you buy them for long hikes. Give your shoes slow routine motions. Then little by little, increase the duration of walking. This makes the shoes suitable for a later stage in time. This ensures a significantly longer shelf life.

Socks for the shoes

It is important to choose your socks wisely. For hikes, soft cotton socks are the best bet.

High quality materials

The choice of shoes with good quality, made of the best material is required, thus the inevitable fact that you spend more money on shoes shows that you have more experience in hiking. But this for people without experience is somewhat difficult to explain.

Cleaning and caring for the shoes

For the shoes must be taken adequate care, if you want a longer shelf life. Cleaning and polishing should be done regularly, otherwise would prove that they much earlier than the expected will abandon you.

How to buy shoes

1. One tip – when you are looking for shoes, go as late as possible in the stores, because in the evening your feet are slightly swollen than early in the morning. This will ensure that when you go on a hike, the shoes will not be narrow.

2. Do not take either narrow or very wide shoes. Both options have their drawbacks.

By following the above tips, you can buy a pair of shoes, so as to get the best from your adventures.

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