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What do the shoes say about you?

Do you know that according to the old people in order to judge the situation and character of a person is enough just to look at his shoes.

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And if the expensive shoes talk about a man with opportunities, the extravagant – for an interesting person with creative inclinations, the old and poorly maintained shoes in all cases speak of negligence to his own personality, and everything else.

However, the different types of women tend to choose different types of shoes. Although in the wardrobe of some of them you can see all kinds of shoes, the shoes that are used most frequently in the everyday life talk a lot about their character.

The extreme high heels

Owners of this type of shoes are women who like to stand out. They love to follow the fashion trends, even if it means to wear high and uncomfortable shoes constantly. They are usually demanding as of themselves and to others.

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Shoes with low current

Owners of these shoes are women that are both stylish but also practical. They bet on everything else, but not the harassment of their own body if only to look irresistible. They are moderate in their clothing and conform the fashion trends with their own preferences and body.

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Flat shoes

This type of footwear choose the practical, but often rather tall women. While the high shoes are preferred by short women, then the tall ladies usually stop on equal or low-heeled shoes, because their height is sufficient to not require the use of the uncomfortable high heels. Most often the flat shoes are combined with casual clothing, but are often offset by the use of other attractive accessories.

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Usually the ladies who do not like to be the center of attention choose exactly the sports style footwear and apparel. Under the emphasized masculine appearance they are trying to hide their femininity. They do not like to follow the fashion trends and prefer to have their own style. In other cases, however, sportswear choose the women who think they are beautiful enough without having to use high heels and fashionable clothes.

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Extravagant shoes

This type of shoes choose the women with an exotic character. They are not afraid to be the center of attention and even pursue that. The shoes are at least as attractive as any of the rest of their clothing. Often, the owners of extravagant shoes are creative people, evaluating and preferring the different.

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