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Twelve tips to choose shoes for salsa

Image: © tobago77 / Fotolia

Before buying shoes for dance you should consider several factors, and whether they are your first dancing shoes…

1. Refer to a shop for professional dance shoes, with history and quality products. Realize what weight and what force must withstand your shoes.

2. Select a current, with which you will feel secure and stable. Note that over time you will get used to the shoes, whether with high or low current.

3. If you have balance problems or you are not used to walking on high heels, choose lower and thicker current.

4. The shoes with skin color combine easily with any clothing and the most emphasize your figure.

5. Decide whether you want closed shoes or sandals, consider what is more convenient for you. If any of your fingers is longer than the others, select sandals, but make sure it does not extend beyond the sole. If your little finger is too small, choose closed shoes.

6. If you have larger ankles, do not buy shoes with ankle strap because it will highlight it further.

7. If you have a wider foot, choose shoes with a T-strap on the foot, which will visually elongate your leg.

8. If you have a very narrow foot, choose shoes with horizontal or crossed straps.

9. If you have more larger or deformed bones, do not buy sandals with thin straps.

10. Make sure your foot fits snugly on the sole and that it supports it.

11. Make sure your shoes are the right size. With larger or smaller you will not feel comfortable. The shoe and your feet should be together as a whole.

12. Your dance shoes must be light and flexible.

The selection of dance shoes for is very individual, you cannot force someone else to buy you shoes, you must go personally to try out and to give yourself enough time to make the right decision, taking into account our advices and your personal preferences.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in them and to be happy with your selection. If it is correct, the shoes will help you improve your dance skills, because their goal is to make you more elegant and feel comfortable while dancing.

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