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Top rules when choosing winter shoes

Image: © carol_anne / Fotolia

The properly selected winter shoes are among the ways to feel good during the winter without colds caused by cold feet and other health problems due to uncomfortable shoes. Here are a few rules:

1. Check whether the leather is genuine or artificial by pulling up – the artificial leather makes a springing action. The leather shoes from genuine leather should have a leather tag. If you touch it gently with your fingernail and it gets ripped back quickly in its original state this means it is not genuine leather. And a sure sign of genuine leather is to keep the shoes in your hands. At a longer holding it gets heated.

2. Do you want suede shoes? There remains a risk – to buy fake suede, which is inexpensive. The fake suede is with thick and short fibers and the real one with fluffy and soft ones.

3. Many people started buying nubuck. Verification you can do as with the leather by swiping a “nail” stripe on it. In the artificial nubuck it quickly returns to its natural state.

4. Now it is time to test the fur. Carefully pull it with your fingertips – if it is fake it would tear off easily. Pay attention to the fact whether it is thick and that there are no “bald spots” or you risk being cold during the winter.

5. In order to enjoy your new pair of shoes for more than a year, see what kind of supplementary materials it is made of – polyurethane, rubber or rubber-like leather. It is equally important what the sole is- if it is smooth, you would easily be slipping on the icy sidewalks.

6. We rarely pay attention to the insoles, but we should definitely do it. If they are glued, they should not be removed easily, otherwise you have to stick them. Note that they must be cut exactly along the contour of the shoe, otherwise the shoes will be uncomfortable to wear.

7. If you buy winter shoes with a zipper note the fact that its elements should be smooth and parallel, otherwise very soon you would have to bring your shoes to a cobbler.