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The thick heels are back

Definitely the dress is the embodiment of femininity. It indicates or conceals and highlights different parts of the body. Some focus on the legs, others on the chest and that depends only on the model you will choose. But besides the dresses, another equally important in order to radiate sexiness are the heels.

Image: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

We all have become accustomed in recent years to overwhelm the shops with high and thin heels. Here is, that after so many years came time for a change. Once the style of the 90s returned came and the revolution the shoes. And here that the thick heels are back.

In the last years the shoes started to progress very rapidly. Platforms, sandals, sneakers, color, texture, but mostly high heels. The time has come to replace the uncomfortable and torturing you high heels with lower and thicker, but additionally to be current and in step with fashion without laugh at you for what you have put on.

They are here again and back from the past and really very attractive, and were even approved by the fashion critics this time. After a large number of rejections even by society and taunts with their owners, the thick heels managed to already impose at the fashion market and to become number 1 hit even among the Hollywood stars. And what if they are not insanely thin and tall, at least they do not cause wounds and pain in the legs.

After during the summer, the knitted platforms conquered all the shops, it is time for the winter, but besides the thick current, here are and the other trends from the catwalk. The wooden heel is definitely number one hit combined with leather or suede, it adds a lot of elegance. The pointed tip is the reincarnation of retro style and with such shoes in your closet and the appropriate pants you will be very stylish. And last but not least, suede heels are absolutely current and give class.

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