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The shoes, the spoiled women and their passions

The shoes have always been and will be the main addition to women’s clothing. Everyone knows that women love shoes and want to have as many as possible if only there was someone to buy them. This is precisely why, in the stores the supply of women’s shoes is many times greater than in men’s shoes. There are some exquisite shoe models that are directly calling the women from windows.

Image: © Kalim / Fotolia

Here is the place to ask are the women spoiled from the side of shoes. Oh, yes they are. Every beautiful woman has 7-8 pairs of shoes for every season. Some of them of each paycheck buy a pair of fashion shoes, others twice a month, and others, who are more attractive ladies, find a new lover, and he buys them branded shoes. And so for the season they have gathered 7-8 great pairs of shoes and wonder which to put on first. Better that they have different outfits to change their shoes according to color and occasion.

The most spoiled – the bad girls like the high women’s shoes. They emphasize their legs, and are more challenging. They put on their high heels, and go hunting for another lover with money!

High heels issue the character of women and talk about their permissiveness. Black high-heeled shoes say that the lady is more modest and abstained from her passions. White ladies shoes on current issue that women are more conservative and do not accept any offers. Beige shoes are the passion of women in old age, and issue their more abstemious nature. Patent leather shoes are an expression of firmness and irreconcilability of the ladies. Women who wear the high patent leather shoes are a kind of imperious. Brown women’s shoes are an expression of style and power. They reveal that the lady wearing such shoes is irreconcilable with everything and loves her family. Red shoes are for the passionate women! From them radiates mood, attractiveness and desire for seduction. That is why, high shoes in red color are considered as the shoes of love!

And so dear spoiled girls, strive to have as many as possible shoes. No matter how many shoes you have, one pair of beautiful and comfortable shoes will not be superfluous.

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