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The shoes of the bridesmaids

The good friends of the bride must help her, support her and show understanding to her and take care of the guests and all matters related to the wedding. But at the same time these wonderful girls, the bridesmaids, should cater for themselves and find beautiful and comfortable… festive shoes!

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

We know well that the choice of shoes is generally a complex activity that requires taking of careful and considered decisions, especially when it comes to choosing shoes for a wedding. Bridesmaids play an important role on the wedding day and they will also be in the spotlight and will not be forgiven errors with regard to the clothing, style and overall appearance.

Bridesmaids’ shoes must be very, very, very comfortable because the friends of the bride have excessive responsibilities on this day and will need to be standing firmly on their feet all day, and probably through the night. But how to choose comfortable shoes?

In use, the shoes change their shape, so the best solution is to stretch them before the wedding. Note that the soft leather shoes expand by 2-3 mm after 10 days’ use, while those of artificial leather stay unchanged. If you are going to buy shoes, you must select them before the appearance of the evening fatigue and swelling.

Do not choose too wide and loose shoes, as strange as it sounds, they also cause abrasions, inflammations and scabs. As for wearing tight shoes there is probably no need for a clarification that it causes distortions of the toes and problems with blood circulation. Undoubtedly, you should select a soft shoe that will quickly take the form of your foot. The most hygienic and comfortable naturally are the leather and shoes of suede. Until the beginning of autumn, you can use the shoes made of fabric. Lacquered shoes do not pass air, so it is better to avoid them during the summer.

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