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The shoes in the life of a woman

Shoes are an integral part of women’s clothing. A self-respecting woman has at least a few pairs of shoes – for every day, for special occasions, for work, walking, etc. It is interesting how by the shoes a woman wears, can be judged for herself as well as the lifestyle she leads. According to researches women wear high heels until it is time to retire. Then they switch to lower and comfortable shoes, but to this rule there are always exceptions.

Image: © Andrey Bandure / Fotolia

Let us track what shoes a woman wears in her life. At the beginning of puberty young girls an awful lot yearn for high heels. Thus, they want to show the world that they are becoming women, which affects their overall style. And also emulate of their mothers. Quite rapidly with the age increases and the heel of the shoes. As teenagers, they start with about 3 cm heel and at age 25 the heel has increased to 12-13 cm This is related to the period in a woman’s life when she seeks to be liked, to find a partner and start a family. It is normal to want to stand out and be above the others. After this period, the heel slightly goes down, and for some women passes into flat shoes, which experts say is linked to the period of birth of children and their upbringing. Then, for the woman is more important to feel comfortable rather than to see the world from the height of her heels.

After that the high heel is back again, because the woman returns to work, pursues her career and wants to be elegant and beautiful. But gradually age makes a difference and at the end of 40 years and with the advent of the 50 the height of the shoes is quite reduced.  The legs are becoming more unstable, many women outweigh more and this makes the wearing of high heels slightly uncomfortable. At the end of the 50 years the heel decreases even further and women now prefer to wear shoes from 2.5 to 3 cm. Many of them do not like this and try as much as possible to defer this moment because giving up high shoes is a sign that they are getting older, and which woman would want to admit that.

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