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The secrets of the shoes

Image: © mh-werbedesign / Fotolia

The shoes are of paramount importance for the elegant appearance and a platform for change. Some models visually take away from our weight, but others increase it. Therefore it is worth to know what the shoes can do for you. So we decided to share their little secrets with you.


The shoes with an opened heel are among the most seductive models, mostly because their strap seems like it could slid at any moment and leave your ankles bare. They create a pleasant illusion, leading the eyes from the hem of the garment to the big toe of your feet.


The shoes with ankle straps make the legs look shorter, so wear them only if they are really up to date. During the remaining time avoid them if you want your legs to appear longer.


Exceptions are the sandals with straps. If you have strong legs, you can safely wear them because most of the models are unstable.


The Roman sandals are very attractive with their many straps. They make the calves look much more slender.


The shoes with a blunt tip create the illusion of heavy stepping as they visually take several centimeters of the body length. If they have an ankle strap, the view will be even more unattractive.


The ballerinas go well together mostly with narrow pants, while with a layered long skirt they do not look so great.


Footwear with low heels makes the feet smaller, which is a big plus for any woman.


The pointed shoes lengthen the leg and thin the ankle, but wear them only if they are in fashion.


Ankle boots look great under and over pants as well as with tights and a skirt. They are not suitable for women with large calves as they look even larger.


The high boots are quite elegant, regardless of the model. They embrace the legs and take away 2-3 cm from their circumference.


The platforms are unquestionable the favorites for adding height and are much more comfortable for walking than the high heels. But on the other hand, you should be careful with their form as they could make the hips look wider.