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The mandatory are exactly ten

The temptation to fill your wardrobe with fluffy, shiny, twenty cm shoes is irresistible, but also unwise. There is a much more rational strategy for creating a worthy personal collection of shoes. And anyway, after its implementation, you can get and other pairs that are in your heart.

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The following 10 suggestions are feminine and are always up to date, and will even be your salvation at any moment of crisis, such as “I have nothing to put on”.


The boots are a great possession, especially in the colder months. Whether you like the lower models or are addicted to the combination “high boots with a short skirt,” the black leather boots with flat soles or low heels are the solution for many situations.

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These slippers give the everyday dresses and jeans a Parisian charm. They will save you when in the morning you have to go out and have danced all night in high heels. If you bet on bright colors for your choice, you will guarantee yourself good mood when you wear them.

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There really is no way to go shopping or on a walk in shiny formal shoes. Therefore we suggest you get platforms which will be elegant enough for your style, but will provide and the necessary comfort for the prolonged walking.

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High heels

The ordinary black high-heeled shoes not in vain are defined as “classic.” They are an appropriate choice for the office and for the dinner after work. And your elegance with a pair of these shoes will be undeniable.

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A pair in gold, a pair in silver. Lovely, charming, these shoes tolerate any arbitrariness and still stay in place. Besides, the feeling to look down at your feet and smile is irreplaceable.

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Suede shoes are a brilliant solution for the fall. With jeans or leggings, they will attract the attention of all on your personal style. Just be careful – if it rains, you better opt for something else to put on.

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Do not assume that their season has gone – it is yet to come. If you now buy sandals on sale, the next spring you will be one of the first to dare to put on something light and comfortable.

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Now is the turn of the shoes that will bring you satisfaction, day after day. Whether you will only take them out of the closet to admire them or not take them off the feet. They will be there for you. And are the last valuable entry in the ten required for possession pairs of shoes.


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