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The ladies shoes according to their heights

Ladies shoes are divided into two groups – the group of the daily, and the group of the formal ladies shoes. To those of the daily belong mostly the low, flat and those with the lower heels women’s shoes, which over the last years, and before, the most have been worn by women. The low ladies shoes can be also used for work shoes, while for the higher shoe models, this is not so! Not every woman can withstand the high heel throughout the day. These include moccasins, espadrilles, slippers, ballerina flats, sneakers, and even clarks which are more for autumn. Taking in mind that they are the most comfortable, and if their materials are qualitative and the soles stable, and do not hurt from nowhere, with their low shoes, women can make as many as two working shifts on foot. Since recently in the shops the choice is great, that is what makes women choose their low shoes much more difficultly.

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

Now it is turn of the daily shoes at average heels. Every woman has such, if she has no shoe on medium current, she is simply wrong. Namely they are the most worn in our hectic lives. The shoes with a normal current are calculated so as to serve faithfully to the ladies throughout the day and evening, and when they get home and put on their home slippers, to think that they are still with their shoes on average current. Heights between 4 and 6 cm are most appropriate for this type of women’s shoes, and from there on, they simply become high. I as a woman, who adore the shoes, have 4 pairs of such and all in different colors so I can change them. Two of my models shoes with medium heels are more pointed, one of them is slightly curved and the last one is straight cut off at the front. I love them, clean them, and my shoes on average heels repay me!

Formal women’s shoes are among the most beautiful. They all are made with high and elegant currents, and are formal events, weddings, banquets and festivities.

In the official shoe women’s feet look killer. Once a woman puts on such a shoe her backbone stretches, her calves tighten, and she walks ahead quite provokingly. A Shoe with size of the current from 7 to 15 cm is already considered formal. There are two types such shoes – pointed and rounded women’s shoes, and some of them even have and a platform at the front.

Hardly there is a woman worldwide, who has not at least a pair of formal shoes, and maybe some ladies just do not have any others. If their working status requires it and they have learned how to walk on high heels, they have become their weakness and life. I personally have not seen a singer at low, comfortable shoe!

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