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The classical high heel

Image: © Walenga Stanislav / Fotolia

Whatever revolutionary solution to happen in the footwear industry, in the designer solutions and in the market demand for shoes, it seems that the women’s shoes with a high heel remain on the pedestal.

Meaning style, class, glamor and confidence. In order to come to these symbols, associated with the high current of the ladies shoe, a lot of time has passed and also a lot of interesting fashion events.


The current is a simple invention attached to the shoe sole and placed under the heel. Its main function, as it was in the beginning, was to increase the balance, only then intervened the aesthetic functions associated with an increase in growth or to boost the calf. The current can be applied to various men’s and women’s shoes, boots or sandals.


The historical evidence for the placement of heels on shoes date back to ancient Persia. In the late Middle Ages information for shoes with a current is found in Turkey and Eastern Europe. But mostly as a fashion solution for women’s shoes, the heels began to appear in the noble courts in Western Europe.

Even Catherine de Medici at her wedding in 1533 wore high-heeled shoes, which then have become a standard for the ladies of the noble families across Western Europe.


In recent years, with the occurrence of the new technologies in the production process, especially for the classical women’s high heels, was introduced a standard of manufacture of the very currents, so as to provide more strength, stability and security for the ladies.


In this way, the selection of the various models from the different brands that are offered, are justified primarily from their aesthetic side and their combination with the clothing. Thus there is no need the ladies to worry about side issues. The plastic is melted and injected into molds. The innovation itself has led to the feasibility of heels in a variety of forms, often unthinkable with the old method.


The ladies know best – there is nothing better than stylish clothing combined with a pair of beautiful high heels.