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The autumn ladies shoes

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

The hot summer is about to go away, but whether the women think about their fall women’s shoes. Some will spend September with their summer shoes, sandals or flip flops if it is still warm, while others will put on their closed ladies shoes from the spring season.

The large retail chains which trade shoes already took out their new collections of autumn ladies shoes. The models are great, but it is still warm, and therefore women pass by the windows, inspect the shoes, and just want the weather to get cold and buy another pair of women’s shoes that will serve them in the fall. Some of them even try on some models, but do not rush and do not buy shoes, but just admire them.

Manufacturers and their designers, towards the autumn models ladies shoes have shown unique creativity. They have used mostly the high platforms heels and to make their fashion collections. Ladies shoes on a platform are one of the most comfortable, and they will at the center of female attention. With them the colors are darker because in the autumn are worn exactly such, but there are and more coated and bright colors in the shoes. The heights of the shoes with platforms are also complied with the preferences of women – there are such with a 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cm, depending on that, at what level women step best.

Then follow the shoes with heels. There, I would say things have changed a bit than in the opened summer shoes. Those which were with open toes for the summer just have been closed and became autumn ladies shoes! Here is the finished model with changed colors and height of the current!

The most extensive range is this fall in the equal and sports autumn ladies shoes. Also not missing are and the slippers, or as they are called ballerina flats, and the clarks. There are ladies shoes with laces or a combination of zip and laces that are more closed and will be worn until late fall. And in them the leathers are darker which suit the shoe for the fall.

There is hardly a woman who could resist such a large supply of autumn ladies shoes, even though hers are probably still in good condition, including myself. For the autumn I have spat upon two pairs – one equal and one more elegant sports pair of shoes and I will take them. This time I will watch my shoes to first be beautiful, and then comfortable, I am a woman after all, and must look good!

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