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The American women have an average of 19 pairs of shoes, but lie their men about that

One big secret unites the American women – most of them are happy owners of 19 pairs of shoes, but usually hide this fact from their husbands and bury at undetectable places in the wardrobe their new shoes and boots, reports Reuters.

Image: © RPM / Fotolia

A survey of the American National Research Centre of the consumer market for the edition ShopSmart, in which were involved 1,057 women showed that the average amount of shoes in the wardrobe of the American woman is 19, but the representatives of the beautiful gender constantly wear only 4 of them. 15% of the interviewed said they have more than 30 pairs of shoes.

The poll also shows that women are ready to overcome challenges, but to bring joy to themselves and beautifully walk in new shoes on a current or platform. 43% of the women admit that they received minor injuries because of the shoes, 8% say that ill-fitting shoes have caused them strains and fractures. “Women love their shoes and because of them are willing to sacrifice: to suffer physical pain, to lie to their husbands and hide the purchases,” said the chief editor of ShopSmart Lisa Lee Freeman.

“Women choose shoes with a passion. The survey proved that the purchase of shoes for women has become a real sport. I know this because and I hide shoes from my husband. One of my secret tricks is to bring my next pair without the box, “says Freeman.

A telephone survey shows that women buy an average of four pairs of shoes per year, each eighth of them makes it secretly from her husband. Six of the respondents regret at least one pair of shoes purchased, and all admit that a quarter of their acquired pairs were worn only once.

The shoes guru Megan Cleary leading the show Shoe Therapy of the channel HSN, said: “There is nothing new in the fact that women are in love with shoes. But recently, inspired by the TV series “Sex and the City” they just openly admit it…”

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