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Summer shoes with which to feel good

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New season, new fashion

The rising temperatures can only mean one thing: summer is coming. With the warm weather are coming the new trends for shoes and handbags. I will now tell you the best trends in the footwear this summer. I will try to help you with the best tips for the season in order to help you for a fascinating appearance.

The beautiful shoes for the woman are like the beautiful car for the man 

The best cure for the bad mood of the woman and her problems – that is shopping for clothes and ladies accessories. As you know, the effective drugs are not cheap. Therefore, from clothing and other fashion choices is not worth to save money. A pair of elegant sandals and stylish shoes from the popular brands must have every lady. The beautiful shoes are the perfect finish to the stylish image. If we talk about the fashion trends for summer 2013, one of them is the bright colors. This year, do not be afraid to draw attention to an unusual texture and color of the shoes.

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Before you proceed to shopping I suggest that you read my advice. Shoes are an important part of the wardrobe, without which a person cannot be modern. From them, depends a lot your mood, comfort, health, self-esteem. If you buy low quality shoes you will not feel comfortable enough with them and they could even cause you pain.

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What shoes should I buy for the summer

In the summer it is better not to buy closed shoes. Instead of closed or sneakers it is better to buy those that are open: sandals or summer shoes. This advice is especially important for men because most men, even in the summer buy closed shoes, instead of summer men’s shoes. If for some reason we cannot avoid the closed type of shoes, we can seek such of fabric or mesh shoes. Unfortunately, these which are of fabric in a relatively short period of time lose their original shape and attractiveness. Do not buy shoes for the summer made of artificial leather.

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I recommend for this summer to wear

Rubber flip flops for the beach – this year they are with a variety of colors, not just one color dominates but several

Sandals – the sandals are the most convenient and comfortable to wear. In the summer, who would not be wearing sandals? Choose sandals with flower decorations!

Shoes with heels – as always, they again are current and over again there are high heels with several colors.

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