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Sports shoes according to the type of the legs

Why should we choose the right shoes for running?

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The right shoes make everything different, whether you walk or run. Running and walking are among the purest, most natural forms of exercise outside. To avoid problems we need good shoes. Some people fascinate with ultramodern innovation sneakers as midsoles, filled with freon and with a pump at the tongue, but this are not sneakers to pay attention to. If you choose the wrong footwear is likely to lie on the couch while your heels or soles are sore instead of enjoy the running. Although most specialized sports footwear stores have experienced personnel, it is better to be armed with some basic knowledge about your feet and their specific needs.

Determine the type of your feet and select the appropriate shoes

Here are some expert tips to take into consideration before you purchase new shoes:

Do not use shoes for running that are designed for daily walking. Shoes that are for running are more flexible and have extra cushioning, with which the impact of uneven surfaces is less.

Everyone has two legs with 10 fingers on them, but each leg has a different form – in some the foot is angled to the left and in others to the right. Most major brands now have shoes that are designed for every type of foot.

One of the ways to determine the shape of the legs is to do a wet test. Or just look at the shoes with which you run to see where they are most worn out. If the print shows the entire sole of the foot, and there is no curve on the inside, or if the shoes are the most worn on the inside – this means you have low arches or flat feet – which means that you step inwards. You will need a shoe with a function for the control of movement. These shoes are designed for running and athletes.

If the print shows only part of the forefoot and the heel with a narrow connection between the two – or if the shoes are worn out most along the outer part, this means that you have high arches. It is good to find shoes with flexible soles or regular sneakers. If you have a neutral arch choose stable shoes, without a flexible sole.

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