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Shoes on platforms

The shoes are a passion of every woman. Usually the presence of several different pairs of shoes is completely normal for the modern woman and it is imperative for any respectable woman to have at least one pair of formal, business and casual shoes. But this summer, a total hit among the shoes will be those with platforms.

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Shoes with high platforms

All women who have already tried the convenience of the shoes with high platform claim that they are the absolute alternative to the shoes with high heels. Unlike the high-heeled shoes those with platforms do not tire the feet, because the platform on the one hand raises the height of the woman, but the overall platform supports stable the leg.

The shoes with platforms – a hit from the 80s

Shoes with high platform are not an invention of the 21st century. For the first time, these shoes appear on the international markets in the 30 years of 20th century, but are still too imaginative and liberal for the conservative woman in the early twentieth century. At the end of the century, with the development of the hippie generation the shoes with platforms are back in fashion. Many disco stars promote this new discovery.

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The shoes with platforms make you taller 

Except that the shoes with platform are very comfortable and elegant, they are also extremely lightweight and their ability to make you look taller makes them a mandatory shoe in your summer fashion collection. Usually the height of the shoes varies, but the most widespread models of shoes with platforms are between 3 and 12 cm. Of course can be found and higher models.

What are these shoes worn with

Platform shoes are a fashion hit, they successfully combine with short skirts and dresses. Very good and sexy is the combination of shorts and medium-high platform shoes, because they make your legs look more slender and elongated. Extremely suitable shoes for women with larger calves.

The combination of the shoes can be not only with casual clothes. If you have a more formal occasion, you should know that the platform shoes perfectly match and with evening outfits. Here of course is good to keep in mind and the suitable color of the shoe and the maximum simple model.

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And finally let us summarize in a few words the advantages of the shoes with platforms:

Extremely comfortable



Successful combination of high shoes and sandals

Successfully combined with casual clothes

These several advantages make the shoes with platforms the hit this summer!

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