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Shoes on platform – how do they change the figure?

Platform shoes for some years now occupy an honorable place in every woman’s wardrobe. The advantages are many – they make us taller, they are far more comfortable than those with the sharp and thin heels, we do not twist our ankles. In response to this “Vogue” magazine published two negative reviews.

Image: © Roman Rvachov / Fotolia

Shoe designer Tabitha Simmons believes that the huge and rough platform shoe makes your legs visually thicker because it violates the proportions of the figure.

The top stylist in the footwear field – Jimmy Choo also strongly expresses his dislike for the platforms, although in his collections there are enough examples and for platform shoes.

In the other camp are the defenders of this type of shoes that regard them as another chance for variety and stylistic originality.

In the distant past, ancient Greek and Roman theater actors wore “cothurnus” – shoes on platforms to be able viewers to see them better.

In the XVI century they appeared in Western Europe as part of the clothing of the rich to keep their feet from the dirty and muddy streets.

Today the platforms are from 55 to 160 mm – how easy can grow our physical body and our self-esteem.


However, let us bear in mind the dangers to our health:

• The sole is very hard and virtually does not bend, which distorts the natural biomechanics of walking.

• The knees are loaded;

• Muscles that need to be loaded in normal walking with regular footwear, hardly participate;

• The main load is on the front of the foot, as a result of which it may become deformed;

• Most suffers the thumb – could be deformed its bone, or to appear callus;

• Platform shoes are usually very heavy and solid, from which the legs get tired faster, which causes an additional violation of the blood circulation. The result is a risk of thrombophlebitis and varicose veins;

• Since the shoe does not support the middle part of the foot are likely to develop deformities and flat foot.


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