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Shoes for working people

Whatever your profession is – it is important to look good and feel comfortable in your shoes, which does not mean to wear necessarily boring and strict shoes. Here are some interesting ideas, influenced by the latest fashion trends.

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Large corporation:

To dress as befits a woman working in a large corporation does not mean that you should look dull and closed. In the bank or office the decency is important, this type of work suggests meetings with clients, so that the business suit is required. Therefore choose shoes in warm colors and in pastel tones.

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Smaller company:

If you work in a small company and do not have a high post you should look elegant but not too formal. The suit can be with a more varied cut and some fresh accents, such as buckles, zippers and asymmetrical pockets. It is recommended a color contrast between the clothing and footwear. Here are a few different models of shoes:

formal ladies shoes, casual shoes, summer booties and boots

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Creative professions:

There are professions that allow a more free style of dressing. In the clothing of women working in the fashion industry, design or art circles there are also rules, but they are not dictated by corporate ethics, but rather by the latest fashion tendencies. Women of this type of professions can experiment and with impressive accessories and jewelry. Their shoes can be of many different types, as of sports-elegant shoes, as well as formal shoes. Different types of booties and boots.

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