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Recommendations for saving money from shoes

Buy more clothes and shoes to get a bigger discount

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This statement is as true as it is false. When we have decided that we have more money and need to take several pairs of shoes at once is good though to see how much we will save. If we give $ 150 to save 2-3 does not seem a good approach for saving money from shoes. Sometimes if you buy more units, the money that you will save is not that much. For this reason it is good, whenever we see a promotion or reduction in shoes, to calculate how much you will save.

Saving money from shoes with coupons

Everyone knows what coupons are, but they also have one drawback. When we have coupons for shoes or clothing there is no need to rush immediately to buy something just because we have them. Whenever we do a purchase either shoes or anything else, it must be on purpose. For example, the summer is over, we have coupons for shoes, and all slippers and sandals are on sale. Maybe the coupons will not be utilized very properly if we buy a lot of summer shoes, but better we get autumn and winter shoes which we will wear the next few months. If we have coupons for a percentage, means that the more expensive you get, the more you will save. But that does not mean we should give all our money.

Shoes on seasonal discounts

I had heard before that a girl bought reduction boots or do not remember exactly what the shoes were, but the decrease was about 300% and she took them only for $ 100 and the shoes were very nice. To me it was very funny and I said: can you imagine if you had given your entire salary, or even 2-3 salaries, how much you would win. Seasonal discounts are nice and you should take advantage of them, but not get carried away. By this way, we lose more than we win! It does not mean that if you get good shoes at a low price, next year will not still have them on the same or smaller price or that there will be similar models.

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