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Ladies shoes and the women’s interests

Women’s shoes are a means for walking and an integral fashion accessory. According to men, the shoe is directly related to the beauty of the female feet and expresses the female sexuality, interests and elegance.

Image: © RPM / Fotolia

Chicks, do not you have a mate to yourself? Are you wondering how to conquer someone’s male heart? Now we will give you some tips on how and with what shoes to put on to find the right man for you, and conquer his heart, and hold it for long time to yourself! The exact shoes you need are the ones with the high heels.

If you want to impress a man, and as early as your first meeting, you should have already passed through the shoe store, and taken such shoes with high heels. These types of women’s shoes emphasize the feminine beauty, thin the ankles and make the female gait significantly more erotic and provocative. Not only your shoes are a factor, but men are eyeing women from bottom to top, so that well combine them with the mini dress, bag, hairstyle, even with the bracelet on your arm. If your dress is short and black, it would be better to put transparent silicone socks so that when you sit down and cross your legs, his eyes to focus on the lace of your sock and into the thin heel of your shoes. Believe me, this is really effective.

With red, black, or patent leather shoes we will capture him more easily?

Patent leather women’s shoes are much shinier than the matte, and this irritates the eye, but the rule is again to be on thin and high heels. Why not experiment and try to be wearing a different color such as green, orange, cyclamen or shoes in the colors of the zebra. Keep in mind that the summer and bright colors always draw the sight not only of the man, but of all others. You can try putting on and those in the combination of black and red or green and orange. One chick wearing colored shoes would always distinguish herself from her opponents.

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