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How to give new life to our white sneakers?

Image: © Gordana Sermek / Fotolia

The white running shoes or sneakers are a classic. They are suitable for both sports and for the everyday life. Over time, however, the fabric gets worn out, it gets stained and dirty and the white color loses its shine. Here are some tips on how to clean them and keep them in good shape.


Whether the shoes are new or already worn a couple of times, they must be cared for in order to preserve their luster for a longer time. However, it should be kept in in mind that cleaning does not mean a cosmetic scour with a paste or a moistened sponge.


In order to maintain them in good shape, straight after the purchase you can make your sneakers waterproof by smearing or spraying them with a special product for this purpose. Thus the leather or fabric will be preserved from the rain, the surface will become smoother and will hinder the appearance of stains.


In order to give shine to already worn out sneakers, you have to clean them with a soft sponge soaked in cold water and soap. The drying is better to be in the open air, away from sources of intense heat. The usage of a hair dryer, radiator or a heater damages the leather. Undesirable effect will also result if you dip the sneakers for a long time in water.


The stains are cleaned easily with a sponge and a toothbrush. If the cause is clinging mud, then in your help will be a sponge soaked with water and vinegar, but the drying is best to be done with a clean towel. The green stains of grass are easily cleaned with a brush dampened with 90-degree alcohol. It is important the brush not to be with stiff hairs because it will scratch the leather.


The grease will easily clean up with a solvent. The easiest way to clean small spots and stains is with the help of a simple rubber eraser.