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How to deal with the cracked heels

Image: © Piotr Marcinski / Fotolia

You can easily deal with the cracked heels even at home without the help of a professional pedicurist. There are a number of traditional recipes that you can apply until you achieve the desired result.


Usually, the treatment of cracked heels takes 6-10 days, if necessary the course can be repeated.


* Grate a green onion, wrap it in a gauze and press this compress to the place. Wrap with a household foil on top, not very tight. Leave the compress to act all night.

* Cut an apple into small cubes and boil it in a small amount of milk until it gets into a mash. Apply it to the skin in a thick layer, cover with gauze and let it take effect for 30 minutes.

* Mix one tablespoon roots of tormentil and hollyhock and 0.5 kg of melted butter. Boil the mixture in water bath for one hour, and then cool it. The mixture is rubbed into the desired places before bedtime.

* Grate 100 grams of carrot and mix it with 0.5 liters of sunflower oil. Close the mixture in a jar and let it sit for 10 days in a warm, dark place. Strain it and rub the fat in the sick places before going to bed.

* Soak a piece of black bread with vinegar and apply it as a compress to the affected skin for 30-40 minutes.

* Make daily warm and hot compresses with a decoction from roots of lovage. 2 tablespoons of leaves are poured with one cup of boiling water and heated in a 20 minute water bath. Then they must sit for 2 hours and the potion is strained.

* Make compresses with honey or a fresh cabbage leaf on the cracked heels. In the morning, smear the feet with any cream with vitamin E.

* Make baths with a chamomile decoction (1 tablespoon blossom to 1 liter of water), sage or nettle (2 tablespoons per liter of water).

* Before going to bed, make baths with baking soda to soften the skin. Rub the already softened heels with pumice and with a special gel for cracked heels.


Of course, try also to wear comfortable shoes and to dry and ventilate them regularly.