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How to choose the wedding shoes

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The wedding – one of the most important events in every woman’s life, the day which she will remember forever. The organization of the wedding – a process that extends for months. The preparation requires a lot of attention to get the perfect wedding and all the details. Last but not least and perhaps one of the main problems is the search for a dress for the bride. Remember that it is important not only choosing a beautiful wedding dress, but also the right accessories and more specifically, comfortable and beautiful wedding shoes.

The choice of wedding shoes: Where to start?

Before you go to search for wedding shoes, consider the time of the wedding – when will it be – in the summer, a dry, warm place or in the autumn, with the typical slush on the streets and frigid temperatures requiring closed shoes. For a summer wedding, you can use all the models of shoes – ranging from classic and ending with stylish sandals with straps and decorations. For the colder weather, the best option would be the traditional closed shoes – after all, despite the fact that at the ceremony and later in the restaurant the bride will be indoors, but some part of the time she will spent outdoors.

Another factor that needs to be addressed is the very place where the wedding will be. Let us take a classic scenario – an officially hired restaurant, vacation, travel subsequently, where you will necessarily need an extra pair of shoes.

If you cannot give up a few extra centimeters current, you can choose stylish evening shoes on massive, stylish heels or platforms.

Not less minor factor is the wedding ceremony. If you celebrate the ceremony in a small, close family circle, with friends, in the role of wedding shoes can be a pair of sandals, comfortable and chic at the same time, replacing the typical classic shoes. The traditional lavish wedding ceremony is accompanied by the selection of classic shoes with decorations.

The wedding shoes: Basic rules for selection

The golden rule for choosing wedding shoes – the shoes must necessarily match the style of the wedding dress. If the wedding dress is decorated with curls, laces, ornaments made of beads, appliques of flowers – best is to choose bridal shoes, maximum clean without much decoration and style. If the design of the wedding dress is simple, shoes with ornaments will be the right choice.

Besides the beauty, the wedding shoes should bring with them comfort. In the selected shoes, the bride will have to spend several hours. High-heeled shoes are not recommended if you are accustomed to flat-soled shoes and platforms. For the dancing accompanying each wedding night, it is best to bring along an extra, comfortable pair of shoes – for example low shoes with small heels, which could replace the formal after the official part of the ceremony.

A priority in the selection of wedding shoes should be the convenience above all, not the brand, not the materials of production, which of course are also not        insignificant. Silk, satin, leather will provide the required comfort and style at the same time.

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