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Hot shoes for a hot summer

Image: © Murat Şentürk / Fotolia

Summer is the favorite season of many women. During this season we take off the heavy clothing with long sleeves and begin to put on more provocative clothes. Besides the clothes, this is the season of the tender shoes, although the trends suggest that in this season most topical will be the platform shoes, the sophisticated woman should not forget the sexiest weapon – the shoes with high heels!

Every woman, regardless of age and physique, looks very good with shoes with heels. Many middle-aged women are embarrassed to go up on shoes with 6 cm or more current! But there is nothing to worry about, with a little more practice at home, you will learn to keep perfect balance.

High heels – disadvantages

Although, they are very sexy and make your legs look longer and more slender, the truth about high heels is that they are not very comfortable and if you have intense everyday life, they will lead to fatigue in the legs, edema and swelling of the ankles. They are more suitable for formal events, for special meetings or when you want to impress a man.

As you may notice, this summer are in vogue the bright and vivid colors. If you are going to buy shoes bet on the fresh colors – bright yellow, grass green, sky blue and soft baby pink. If you are not used to wearing heels, we recommend that you to start with shoes whose heels are up to 3 cm and then gradually increase the size. The hottest are the shoes with a height of the current 8-12cm.

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