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Expand your narrow shoes with 6 proven methods

Image: © fred goldstein / Fotolia

What should we do if the new shoes are hurting us or are too tight? In order to provide comfort for the feet and for the whole body, we need to expand them. Otherwise, we risk getting painful soreness or deformation of the foot. So choose the right way for the expansion of your new shoes, sandals, sneakers or boots.


Start wearing your shoes only at home for 15-20 minutes a day, at least for one week. This is how you will prepare your feet for the new type of soles.


If we are talking about winter boots, apply the old cowboy method. Pour flaxseed or oatmeal into the shoe and pour in warm water (small amount, only half a cup). Leave them overnight to swell and in the morning, remove everything and for half an hour wear the boots with thick socks.


If the shoes are a little tight, wear them with warm thick socks after moistening them with brandy or some other type of alcohol. This method applies to ordinary leather shoes. And if they are suede, moisten the socks with beer.


Sneakers or other shoes of fabric can become loose by putting them on and then sprinkling them with plenty of hot water. Then dry them with a hairdryer and stay with them for about an hour.

Soak a towel with hot water and put it in your shoe. In a few minutes smear the shoes with vegetable oil (without rinsing), it will make them more comfortable and convenient.


There are specialized shoe expanders that allow them to quickly increase their size. You can ask about this option in a shoe shop.


Note: Better buy shoes late in the day, not in the morning, because at night the foot size may slightly increase. Almost in every person, one foot is always slightly larger than the other.