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Do your shoes fit correctly?

Recently I was at a dance event in a club where I decided to experiment and suggested people free advice concerning the shoes that we all have. I heard many complaints about problems with the shoes, mainly from the ladies who attended there. Of course I also noticed many similarities in the behavior of men and women who had “foot problems”. They had all tortured their feet in tiny shoes. Leg pain during or after the dance was a common complaint. Whether this is the joint of the big toe, the cushions of the foot, heel pain, or blisters, it all was caused by ill-fitting shoes. The percentage of people who suffer from problems in the legs caused by shoes is quite high.

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Since footwear affects the motor function, “the marriage” between the foot and the shoe must be harmonious. People with foot problems are often people with namely shoe problems.

Shoes should allow your feet to do their job properly and without strain because more than 10,000 are the steps that we make each day. During this one day your legs will perform many other tasks.

Your feet:

– They help to move around;

– Withstand overweight;

– They will tour the globe eight times during your life time;

– Take you to places where you can communicate with others;

– They help you to avoid the furniture at night;

Most often, people associate with ill-fitting shoes those that are narrow and shorter (a smaller number). Often people wear shoes that are smaller than necessary. There are many reasons for this. Some prefer to feel the shoe on their foot and because of the absence of this feeling, they do not want to wear a greater size because they believe that the shoe will fall off. People’s feet are extended with the gaining of weight. Quite logically is the shoe size to increase over time, and the shoes will start to tighten or hurt you if you do not enlarge the size. The sharp shoes cause deformation of the toes, the narrow cause blisters, and fatigue in the legs and are not comfortable for movement. The narrow and especially short shoes infringe the natural functions of your foot and load many times more the joints, muscles and tendons.

Your shoes should have enough space so that your thumb to feel comfortable in them. There is no way to discuss the length and to overlook the width of the shoes. People with wider feet should wear shoes one size bigger. When you buy shoes, please note that the writing on the box is just a number, it may not be right for you. Try the desired shoes on, walk with them and determine how your feet feel in them. If the shoes are tight, do not assume that your feet will shrink or the shoes relax and they will fit.

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