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Do you limp when you walk?

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When you think about it, what is the first difficulty that you face while walking around town? Fatigue? Even if this is so you stop to relax. Moreover, having gained experience and inertia, the fatigue remains in the background. Tiredness when walking in urban environments is the smallest problem, since even if you are in a hurry, the need for a break can be satisfied at any time.

So I want to pay more attention to the way we walk and the shoes with which we do it. From my humble experience I concluded that if the conditions proper walking and wearing comfortable, sturdy shoes are met, then the distance and powerlessness remain the minor problem. Furthermore, the technique of walking and the appropriate shoes for this purpose are necessary when conquering surfaces of various kinds.

If you have paid attention to how others or yourself walk, you have certainly been impressed that most of us often step heavily, stamp, or slap with the feet. Some beat their heels, others step to one side, third warp their feet inward or outward.

The reason for such errors in walking is the result mostly of orthopedic defect, that is difficult to correct, or of which simply we do not pay attention. On the other hand, the irregular step may be the result purely and simply of the unwillingness of a person to tighten his body and distribute its weight evenly, so as to facilitate the work of the legs.

So if you do not want to inflict pain on your feet, step lightly and smoothly as exporting the weight to the pads of your feet. Furthermore, let when walking the foot to be facing forward. You will see that when you hurry the pace, the most natural and efficient way of stepping is precisely this.

Probably the best way to walk and run is to do this barefoot. But since a number of reasons most of the time we use shoes, therefore, we must make sure that they are comfortable and do not harm our health. Frequently we ignore their role in sports, but remember that if you want to achieve results in walking and running, your shoes should first be stable.

Shoe that allows your foot to “swim”, to move forward and backward, left and right, will create serious discomfort when walking. Exactly this type of friction causes the formation of blisters and the familiar to you calluses. Make sure that the shoes you wear, do not allow your feet to slip or go outside the shoe.

It is good before you buy shoes, to consult with a specialist about the specifics of your foot – if you have deformities or other orthopedic condition, is it advisable to walk long distances and which are the best attributes to keep your lower limbs in good shape.

Once you have begun to walk on foot, do not forget to look after your feet at the end of the day. It is good to make them baths with a special solution or salts, to remove the calluses and blisters on time (if you do have any), to massage them, to let them rest.

It is a miracle to see the next day that your feet have recovered and are ready for new challenges. Do not be afraid – even if in the beginning walking is a challenge, you will adapt. Over time you will feel better and better and you will be able to withstand longer distances. It is important to do all this with pleasure and thought for yourself.

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