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Development of the fashion tendencies in the shoes

Nowadays there is a very interesting development of the trends in fashion, especially when it comes to women’s shoes. The greatest interest continue to be the classic models. Major design houses launch new collections, as part of the shoes made include new modern details and elements.

Image: © Maxim Malevich/ Fotolia

In the summer of 2013 are expected a number of new footwear models that combine beauty, elegance and grace. Many design houses rely on details of the past years as they are very popular and sought.

The most popular women’s shoes are those with current, as designers offer a wide variety of shapes and models of heels, platforms and soles. Even the smallest details in the production of women’s shoes attract men’s attention, and the ladies really know what to choose. The different types of clothing suggest different types and models as well as colors. In addition, during the summer months are very popular opened shoes with laces and low or high heels. For the everyday outfit women choose shoes with lower heels.

Let us make a brief overview of the designer collections. In 2013 are extremely popular the models with decoration, even if it is simple. Many shoes are adorned with buttons, straps and other items. Also many formal models are made in bright colors such as red. Very popular is to combine and a range of colors in one shoe.

As for male models, designers can also offer a wide variety of shoes. Many models are adorned with decorative stitching which imports aesthetic appearance. Many men have started to prefer models with straps and metal ornaments, and contrary to expectations at the mention of decoration for men’s shoe, its appearance remains classic and elegant. Here the colors range from white, beige, brown and of course the most popular color men’s shoes – black.

Very soon the summer collections of the designers will be put on the market, so be prepared for a wide choice, which will be offered to consumers.

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