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Choose the right sandals for your favorite woman

When you ever need to make a choice of sandals for your girlfriend or wife, you will certainly experience some difficulties if you are a guy. But if you are a woman and you are familiar with the fashion and have to give away shoes to a friend, it would be much easier. But if you are a man and have quite cohesive relationship with the woman you have to buy sandals for, it will be much easier because you will be familiar with both her dresses and her bags and accessories. It will also be easier because you will know what heights of the heels or platforms prefers the lady next to you, as well as which particular color will match her latest stylish dress.

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But if you are still unsure with what kind of ladies sandals to surprise your partner, ask the clerk at the shoe store and she should direct you to the latest collections. However, for a sales consultant to help you completely, you must fully describe the appearance of the lady for which you buy them, especially her physique because not every sandal fits every woman. You should be very well aware that sellers are put there to sell the product, and will not always tell you the truth, but may try to mislead you in your choice. Know also that high heels no matter how beautiful in appearance are not for every woman, but suit mainly to shorter women and those who are with average height.

Other and also very important factor is the age of woman that you will buy ladies sandals for. Keep in mind that teenagers are pretty fickle and do not put everything on their feet, they like to wear low and flat models with multiple straps and rather overdressed.  Women who are about 30 years old love to dress up and more like sandals in bright colors whether or not platforms or normal high heels. In case you need to make a choice for a more mature woman in the age range of about 50 years, the right sandals to buy are those from natural leather on medium-high platform, but to be raised at the front.

If you still, however, feel a great deal of doubt and want to choose the best for your beloved and make her happy, you should take her the classic ladies sandals. These are the models with a height of the heel or platform to 4 cm, suitable for all ages without restriction. Precisely on that height of the current or platform, women step most convenient and their legs do not feel tired during the day.

Before making the purchase, think about and consider very well what kind of sandals would make your mate to really shine with happiness, and choose the right pair, that will bring her the greatest satisfaction.

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