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Choose the leather shoes for yourself

After another day, the spring will burst, and all the women will have to put on into beautiful shoes. The choice of modern women’s shoes is important for them, but also of great importance is and their quality. In the shops are found a significant number of models of fabric, suede, nubuck from, substitutes for leather as well as leather models. It is true that the most beautiful models of shoes for women are those of leather substitutes, but are they always that qualitative?

Image: © Murat Şentürk / Fotolia

How to tell if a pair of shoes is leather? The moment you enter in the store, from its doorstep, you should feel one such smell of natural leather. But if the store has a freshener or your sense of smell is faulty, you will have difficulties right from the door to recognize them, because from among the leather models, there are other such from eco leather and their smell is mixed. Therefore, once you have selected the model, touch it with your fingers, from the first touch you will feel the softness of the leather. Ladies leather shoes are soft and comfortable, and these from eco leather – stiffer to the touch. Then put the shoe close to your nose, and smell it, if it is leather, immediately you would recognize the smell.

There are many manufacturers in the world who work with significantly good imitations of leather, and they are difficult to detect. Therefore stare at the pictograms and stickers which are on the shoes to recognize them. If the signs are intelligible for you, ask for help from the consultant who is there, he is obliged to tell you of what kind of material are the shoes that you have liked and you are going to buy. In order to be more time on your feet and serve you correctly, note and the linings, they must be natural, and also the seams of the shoes that should be straight, because if they are distorted of somewhere is lost the form of the footwear after wearing it.

The qualitative shoe for women is made of high quality natural leather, which in turn is measured in microns. For spring, summer and autumn are mainly used the thinner, but for the winter as a rule, the boots and booties must be of considerably thicker leather, lest they get wet. In recent years we have been witnesses of footwear produced by all sorts of leathers. You should know that calf skins are for the production of footwear whatever they may be, but they must be from the back of the animal, because from there are the most healthy. From pigskins are made mostly linings, and shoes of this material are not preferable.

If you are from the women whose legs hurt, our advice is to take the moccasins of the softest leather, but always comply with the fact that soft materials stretch and relax. Never take the next size, they will become too loose and you will have to give them to somebody else. Now, since you already know how to choose quality either men’s or women’s shoes, head to the shoe store, where there is everything your feet need, and with high quality!

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