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Caring for the shoes

The welfare of your feet depends largely on the shoes. To be handled well, especially, the shoes must be stored in a well-ventilated place in a specially adapted locker. They must be stowed in the locker cleaned very well. Some women protect them from the harmful effect of the dust, by placing them in “cases” from old worn stockings.

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In order to keep their good form and after prolonged use, when not worn the shoes should be kept outstretched into molds or with a device for stretching of shoes. If you do not have any, fill their front parts solidly with newsprint paper to keep the leather from wrinkling and cracking. The number of the mold or the device for stretching of shoes must comply with the shoe size, in order not to over-stretch.

Wet shoes should be cleaned immediately and filled with crumpled newsprint paper. They should not be left to dry near a hot heater or radiators, but only at a well-ventilated, dry place.

For the maintenance of the shoes to be used only quality paint or cream for shoes, since from them largely depends the strength and elasticity of the leather.

For the black and for the lighter shoes are used separate brushes which from time to time should be cleaned with ammonia solution. For polishing can be used pieces of velvet or flannel.

The paint or shoe cream should be applied on the leather in a thin layer.

The more dirty light leather shoes can be washed gently with medium strong solution of soap or detergent and then to be rinsed with water (be careful the water to not penetrate in the inside of the shoes). After washing the shoes shoed immediately be stretched, allowed to dry and coated with paint.

The cream or paint for shoes should be kept tightly closed. If they have dried, they can be restored by adding a little pine or mineral turpentine.

Patent leather shoes should not be worn every day! As a result of the special treatment of the leather, they have a very limited ability to leak moisture. Therefore, for the summer or in increased sweating of the feet, they are not appropriate. Are not recommended patent leather shoes and for those suffering from polyarthritis or fungal diseases on the feet. Before putting on patent leather shoes it is better to sprinkle your feet with talcum or baby powder.

Patent leather shoes should not be worn and during the winter, because at low temperatures they become solid and start to peel off.

For the dirty patent leather shoes is enough to be wiped gently with a flannelette or flannel cloth. In order not to crack the lacquer, the shoes from time to time should be coated slightly with hydrogenated castor oil, as 10-15 min after the coating very slightly wiped with a piece of flannel.

Patent leather shoes should be kept outstretched in molds or tightly filled with cotton fabric or newsprint paper. They should be monitored in hot weather not to touch each other. It is best to be wrapped individually in soft fabric.

Darkened patent leather shoes can regain their gloss if you rub them with the juice of onion.

Artificial leather shoes (polymeric materials) are not recommended to be worn by people suffering from varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, skin inflammations and skin allergic diseases.

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