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Are your sneakers for running comfortable? Part 3

Are the orthopedic insoles important? Their role is to improve the function of the feet and correct postural distortions. One of the most common types is the medial prop that is placed under the arch.

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This kind of insoles are designed for people with flat feet or weak ankles, who curve their feet inward, which in turn increases the tension in them and in the calves and could eventually lead to a variety of skeletal and muscular problems. Various experiments have shown that about 80% of the population suffers from a similar problem.

In conclusion, we can summarize:

• You should remember that shoes for women and men differ not only in color and numbers, but also in structure. A fact, due to the different gaits in both sexes.

• It is recommended to replace your sneakers every 100 hours of use – that is once a year if you exercise twice a week for one hour.

• Do not choose light and flat shoes for running, because they are usually designed for competitions.

• Do not underestimate the terrain for running – cycling alleys or the paths in the park are the most appropriate place. They allow you to develop strength and endurance with minimal risk of injury and the surrounding countryside has a soothing effect to the body.

• Running on the beach is a little more difficult, but in contrast, it will make your body stronger and more resilient, because each step requires more effort. Concrete and asphalt are the worst possible choice for running, because in addition to the potential risk of more serious injury when tripping, very often is obtained and pain in the arch of the foot.

In conclusion – if you have already covered about thirty kilometers with your new sneakers and have no complains (such as pain in the ankles and knees), then surely you have found the right sports shoes for you!

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