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Are your sneakers for running comfortable? Part 1

Every actively engaged in sports person is aware of how important part of the sports outfit are the shoes. This is so because the way in which we move or run, is important not only for the balance but also for the persistence of the organism as a whole. And the correct gait certainly will ensure maximum power with minimum effort.

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If you choose to replace your visits to the gym with jogging outdoors in the summer, it is important to keep your body upright while slightly relaxed to minimize the energy loss and to control the balance, for which will contribute the cleverly chosen sports shoe.

Inadequate and ill-fitting shoes can cause a variety of contusions (injury of feet, gait disturbance, as well as overexertion of the back muscles and legs) that may require temporary cessation of the exercise weight-bearing the legs, and therefore undue pressure on the back and flanks.

A pair of comfortable supporting the arch shoes are advantageous investment in your health. To be able to train in the most effective way and to reduce the potential risk of injury, it is necessary to get such – new and quality, designed specifically for running.

Shoes that not only support the foot, but soften and take the load, which is distributed to the ankles, knees and hip joints in each contact of the feet with the ground… The slightly crawling idea (to save some money) and start running with your old sneakers, with which you have already played sport or actively have used in everyday life, is definitely not a good alternative.

How to select new sports shoes?

The so called “appropriate” shoes certainly are manufactured by companies with established and imposed for decades traditions, which surely means something else – they do not come cheap. Among the most established of them stand out: Adidas, Nike, Brooks, New Balance, Mizuno, Asics.

Before you choose your shoes is advisable to consult with a fitness instructor or consultant in a specialized sporting goods store. Most manufacturers produce different models that meet the individual needs of athletes.

Your ideal shoes should be lightweight, to maintain the arch and be with well-sealed soles to absorb the shock. Relatively high heels are comfortable because they are designed to effectively protect the calves and Achilles tendons from excessive load.

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